Sunday, 24 February 2013

Keeping it simple-Puttu

Whenever i give amma  a call asking what she had made for breakfast the usual reply will be "as usual puttu and some xyz stew or curry..".Regarding food me and my mom  have some things in common and this liking or what to call craze for tasty food is one thing ppl cant bear with(grrr).After a variety of "Eating experiences " from various food courts and restaurants all round the place we infered one thing "east or west home made food is the best"may be the same paalappam,puttu,vattayappam or meen peera or may be the simple beef/chicken ularthu these dishes cant be compared to the 699 rupees only pizza that u get to eat in pizza hut or the chicken bucket from KFC or any x y z dish that is available in the stylishlyly decorated well placed restaurants..... i think we hear an echo ... ???

Anyway puttu or steamed rice cake(njangal maamodhisa koduthu ) is the usual food at home.healthy tasty delicious .....a real package....i used to wonder when i was in school ,the same puttu mould ,the same puttu some times made with chamba pachari  like this one and the same thenga chiragiyathu(grated cocunut) but why do i don't get bored with this humble item...may be at times ppl thought i am the brand ambassadors of puttu but i have not found any rival to my favourite dish(i know of crazy fans of chiratta puttu).wanna know more about puttu... r a lotta versions to this puttu..erachi puttu, motta puttu vegetable puttu...there may be many versions but the product lifecycle is loooonnnnnnnnnnng.....will update the versions one by one.....

So i though (we) thought that we'd better give the honour to our all time favourite dish (..Kurachu cheruvagal ..pettenu thatti kooti undaakavunnadhaanu ennu parayum ....)by making it the first post in my blog...

Now here goes the version of my recipe for the puttu...


  1.  2 cups of raw rice 
  2. 1 cup of grated coconut
  3. salt
  4. water to mix
We use a puttu kutti or Puttu Mould to make the puttu...commonly available in all stores ....There is also the option of Chiratta puttu moulds available.


  1. Soak the rice for some time say two hours...and strain the excess water...
  2. Dry the strained rice in a clean cloth and wen itz nice crispy dry, powder i in a mixer.if u r too lazy (like me) to do the soaking & drying  better go to  a store to get a pack of puttu podi(I prefer "Eastern or Double Horse")...
  3. Add salt and puttu podi and mix well.
  4. Add water little by little and mix well till the powder becomes wet.
  5. Add about 1/4  of the grated coconut to this mixture and mix well.u can avoid this step of adding coconut in this stage itself...but if u r taste buds provoke u ...go for it!if there r too many lumps in the mixture mash the lumps with a fork or hand so that its broken.
  6. keep it aside for 5 minutes..

For filling the puttu kutti

Put one spoon of the coconut in the puttu kutti and one fistful of the rice flour mixture till half of the vessel and then  one spoon coconut and again the rice flour .reapt till u reach the top of the mould close the lid and steam it for 4 to 5 min.If you donot have the option of the mould for making the puttu follow the same layering procedure in a plate and steam in a cooker without the weight.

Enjoy with Potato curry, Egg roast or beef /chicken stew/kadala curry.


  1. it is something great yaar...........hope to get some combinations too

  2. that's really sweet of u to say