Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Pesarattu-With Love From Andhra Pradesh

We get to learn different things from different people.Some will be lessons and some others will be a blessing.There were many people who actually taught me how not to behave by being rude ,cold and indifferent.It does not mean that i didn't feel bad or was not offended by their behavior,i think i have outgrown the negative impacts or hurts of the incidents...
While on the other hand some people behave in such a sweet manner that you get convinced that being good is not that bad.They bring in a positive energy to your day and uplift the mood.Wonderful isn't it.Did i tell u about my friends from Andhra Pradesh?R and i were friends from a very young age and even though we have differences of opinion in a lot of matters it didn't matter much on the bonding front.All that mattered was respecting the differences.This particular recipe is a specialty of AP and it is usually served with a mound of upma. Because of my not so good relationship with Upma(That for another post)i prefer having this green beauty with chutney and Sambhar. My take of the combination for Pesarattu.

As am a bit busy these days with lot of deadlines to meet so was not able to post in my blog here.That said, it does not mean that i didn't cook,itz just that lazy is my last name and am tired out after all the hectic work and other stuff. Daivame kaatholane.


Source:Mummy and with slight adaptations from Mallika Bhadrinath's cook book
  1. Green Moong dhal -2 cups
  2. Raw rice -1/2 cup
  3. Ginger-2 inch piece
  4. Garlic -5 cloves
  5. Green chilly -4
  6. Oil-For making Dosa (As required)


  1. Wash the dhal and the rice with several changes of water til the water runs clear
  2. Soak the dhal and rice seperately for some 4 to 5 hours.
  3. Grind them with the rest of the ingredients along with water and salt.
  4. The consistency of the batter largely depends on personal preference and i personally prefer the batter to be coarse rather than resembling a neat pasty format.
  5. check for salt.
  6. Heat an iron skillet or tawa and drizzle some oil.
  7. Pour a laddle of batter and spread as yould do it for making a dosa.
  8. cover and cook till done.
  9. Serve hot with Thenga Chammandhi and Sambhar.


Because i love the garlic flavour i have added 5 cloves.It is person specific and the quantity can be adjusted according to your preference.

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  1. Such a simple and easy recipe - these sound very tasty. And it's so true - a sweet and positive person an uplift an entire day for me. Now I just need to strive harder to be that person more frequently...

  2. thank you for linking this regional dish