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Ah,a whole page to blow my trumpet.

I am Mina the author and the mind and the creator (seriously!!!) of this kutti space.I have a full time job as a researcher in a university.This means i have a boss (rest will be discussed).The degree certificate I got after slogging or wasting four plus two years of my short life time says that am a "Computer Engineer".Ya thats the only supportive evidence that i have to convince myself that I am an ENGINEER...The research that i am currently doing is based on Text mining which means at times i will be ranting about the words like stemming and Porter stemmer or some unusual things like Java or visual basic or silly things like support Vector Machines.I dare not call al these lovelies silly as I am in a serious love affair with them.Even though they irritate me by giving me a puzzling look I  tend to smile at them.Life of a researcher I say.
 The reason why I switched on to blogging after saying a big good bye is that I needed a place to write what I feel like. A place where I need not bother about the word count, the spell checks, the choice of words and so on.Since my job I s very demanding  I really do not know how long I will continue to write or to be exact ramble here in this tiny space which I could call mine is totally unpredictable.
Initially I was writing about everything. Things that affected me, those that brought a smile or that helped me to learn more about me and my weaknesses or helped me rediscover my potential. Let me put it this way. I am definitively opinionated. I have my own share of thoughts and views about everything in life. The way I would like to do things may be intriguing at times but that’s the way I am. Even though this space mirrors some of the beautiful moments and situations of my everyday life it does not mean that my life is picture perfect with everything put in place and the path that I trod is beautiful. Am sorry if anyone ever happening to read gets into an opinion and desires to be living life like Mina, Sorry dear you are getting into trouble. I personally believe that nobody can step into your shoes as no two pair of shoes is similar. What we see outside when people smile or when they have accomplished something is the result of trials and tribulations, their share of hurts and enormous struggle which they beautifully mask so that they will have some kind of hope that all is going to end well. That’s the drama called life.
Why then the food blog? The opinionated person that I am, my food preferences are somewhat different (not my personal opinion though) and good according to my close circle. The product life cycle is very high these days with "n" number of variations even for a simple varutharacha curry or theeyal for that matter. So I thought of documenting the recipes in the way that I make them or I learnt to make them from my mom. There will be some borrowed, many adapted ones from books and blogs or TV shows or the ones that I have bookmarked over the years to be tried. Synchronizing my bookmarked folder to my browser is always a time consuming job. Due credit will be given to all those ones and I request anyone to give the same credit if in case you find my version suitable to your taste buds and have featured it in your page. Saying thanks after all is good manners and you bring a smile too by being good and spreading the goodness…I am yet to get myself a SLR so please bear with the quality of the food pictures that I might put up along with the recipe. I would be happy to read your comments.
Thanks for taking your time to read all the tall things that I said about myself.
Happy Cooking and Have a Good Day.

God Bless!!!

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