Monday, 27 May 2013

Sunundalu-Urad Dal Ladoo

When i saw the blog event that invited bloggers to cook up a dish inspired by Andhra Pradesh,I was in a fix whether to make a Hyderabadi Biryani or the Kodi kura(Chicken Curry) that my mom usually makes.I guess that she got the recipe , May be from my  best friend R's mom(A telugu speaking family)?.And if you happen ask me if i speak Telugu,my response will be what Mammooka sez in the movie "Rajamanikyam" when somebody speaks to him in English(Try in "Pranchiyettan" slang BTW).I get nostalgic and flooded with the variety of emotions whenever mummy makes these ladoos,coz even though we are not in contact with R's family there are a lotta things that reminds us .The power of simple people.
The long boring conversations,Late night movie reviews(After watching a stupid movie and then ranting about it),The exams,The doc who had a small Teddy bear in her stethoscope and drooling over home cooked food while staying in the hostel and cursing the brats who got really good marks and so on.I was often cursed...Poor me....After all we were good friends in-spite of all the differences.

Sunundalu or Urad Dal Ladoo is one of the delicacy that i grew up eating.A really simple dish that could be whipped up in no time.Stocking this up is near impossible because it usually gets over on the day it is made.Hope u'l like making this simple dish as much as we loved eating this.


  1. Urad Dal -1 Cups
  2. Fine Powdered Sugar - ¾ th Cup (adjust)
  3. Melted Ghee - 1/4 cup 
  4. Cardamom Powder --- As required. I powdered along with the sugar.


  1. In a heavy bottomed pan on medium heat dry roast the Urad Dal till light golden brown in color.This step may take a little longer.Donot have the stove in high flame as it may result only in browning of the dal.
  2. Allow the dal to be cooled completely and grind it to a very fine powder in a food processor.Seive the powder inorder to get a very fine powder which is highly recommended to make perfect sunundalus.
  3. In a bowl add the powdered Dal,Finely powdered sugar and add the melted ghee little by little.
  4. Mix inbetween inorder that you add the correct amount of ghee to make the mixture into ladoos.Too much ghee will ruin the taste according to R's mom.
  5. Shape them into balls and refrigerate for sometime inorder to maintain the round(unda) shape.
Am sending this to the Walk Through Memory Lane event hosted by Sowmya and Gayathri  and also to 
Flavors of India: Andhra Pradesh event hosted by Sheelu Agarwal and Pallavi


The favour of ghee really enhances the sweetness of these round beauties.So please add sugar according to your preference.But if you have a really BIG sweet tooth like me, 3/4 th of a cup is fine.
I use standard measuring cups for all my measurements.


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